Starting From 100 Boxes

My Box Packaging is your most trusted source for the highest quality customized Bulk Packaging boxes. We offer our clients some of the most attractive wholesale deals. Starting from 100 boxes, you can avail a wide range of value-added add-ons that will always provide high value for money for any kinds of packaging boxes that you need.

Free Shipping in the USA

One of the highest value services available on bulk orders starting from 100 boxes only at My Box Packaging is free shipping for all USA locations. There is no shipping cost you will have to pay at all when you order from us in bulk. All your required wholesale packaging can be delivered right to your doorstep in no time at all with our free shipping option.

Quick Turnaround for Bulk Packaging

Starting from 100 boxes only, our bulk packaging is also available with the quickest turnaround in the USA. My Box Packaging needs are six days from when you place the order to complete processing and shipping your required packaging to your doorstep. Such quick turnaround time always guarantees the cushion your business needs and also the peace of mind that you are never really short on packaging at all.

Free Design Support

My Box Packaging offers a wide range of value-added services on our bulk orders. Starting from 100 boxes only, your wholesale boxes can be made to look and feel great with our free design support service. Our customer service agents are some of the most well-informed in the USA packaging industry. You can expect great help regarding any fancy or simple box designs that you need delivering best packaging experience for any of your products.

No Die and Plate Charges

Another great value for money service that makes our packaging some of the best in the USA packaging industry is no die and plate charges. Starting from 100 boxes only, My Box Packaging offers free printing plates and cutting die equipment where you will not have to pay a dime for them. We will take the cost on us delivering the highest value for your packaging at all times. There are no hidden charges at all and you pay for just what you get.

High-Quality Printing

My Box Packaging is a true printing expert in the USA. Offering our clients some of the highest detail printing finishes, we use our advanced offset, digital and screen-printing processes for all designs. Whether you need logo printed Custom Boxes, design prints, image designs, and any other text prints, our wholesale boxes starting from 100 boxes only will be the best designs at all times.