About US

My Box Packaging is the most reliable and experienced packaging supplier in the US market. With over a decade of experience providing top quality Custom Boxes for all products, we have what it takes to fulfill all your custom requirements. Our fancy designs are perfect for all product industries and you can also choose your boxes by style from our My Box Packaging website. We ensure the highest quality materials that offer maximum protection for your products. High-quality printing with modern offset, digital and screen-printing processes guarantees attractive designs and custom finishes for your top-quality Custom Boxes.

High-Value Wholesale Deals Are Available

When you do business with a packaging expert like My Box Packaging, you also get many value-added services. Highest value packaging is guaranteed for bulk orders starting from 100 boxes only with services such as:

  • Free design support
  • Free shipping in the USA
  • No die and plate charges
  • High-quality printing

We ensure high-profit margins for all our clients delivering some of the best services in the industry. You can avail all these services from your orders starting from as little as 100 boxes only. There are also no hidden costs at all offering transparent services to your doorstep in the USA.

Shop by Product Industry

My Box Packaging is a true industry when it comes to custom boxes for any kinds of products. We not only serve all product industries with the highest quality packaging boxes but our fancy boxes also make it possible for your products to sell much better. Some of the most noteworthy product industries we serve include:

  • Cosmetic Boxes – My Box Packaging provides leading quality cosmetic boxes for all cosmetic products. We have beautiful and protective Mascara Boxes, Lip Gloss Boxes, Lipstick Boxes, Foundation Boxes, Eyeliner Boxes, Lotion Boxes, Nail Polish Boxes, Cream Boxes, Makeup Boxes, Eye Shadow Boxes, Perfume Boxes and many more. Get modern attractive boxes for your cosmetic products and present your expensive cosmetics very beautifully on retail shelves.
  • Display Boxes – My Box Packaging also provides leading quality Display Boxes for all counter or shelf display products. Including Cosmetic Display Boxes, Counter Display Boxes and Shelf Display Boxes for all kinds, sizes, and types of products, our range includes every custom box you might need.
  • Eco-Friendly Boxes – My Box Packaging also provides some of the best Eco-Friendly Boxes for all kinds of products. Get recycled, repurposed and reused boxes made from 100% eco-friendly materials for all your products. Now you can keep the environment happy as well as your wallets as our boxes are also available at cheap bulk prices.
  • Food and Beverage – For all food products including all bakery and retail shelve sold items, My Box Packaging offers leading packaging boxes. Get Bakery Boxes, Muffin Boxes, Cookie Boxes, Chinese Food Boxes, Cake Boxes, Wine Boxes, Snack Boxes, Macaron Boxes, Pizza Boxes, Donut Boxes, Coffee Boxes and many more. Our custom designs suit all food products perfectly.
  • Gift Boxes – Including Favor Boxes, Gift Card Boxes, Ornament Boxes, Gable Boxes and Handle Boxes of the highest quality, My Box Packaging providers attractive Gift Boxes. All sizes and box types are available at best prices. Get metallic finishes for printed designs and some of the most authentic gift packaging delivering wowing unboxing for your customers.
  • Retail Boxes – Retail products are automatically some of the most popular in the world. My Box Packaging provides Archive Boxes, Die Cut Boxes, Shirt Boxes, Pillow Boxes, Tie Boxes, Book Boxes, Cardboard and Corrugated Boxes, Medicine Boxes, Sports Boxes, Window Boxes, Toy Boxes, CD/DVD Boxes, Pyramid Boxes, Soap Boxes, Wrap Boxes and many others for all kinds of retail products.

Shop by Box Style

Choosing the right style for your packaging boxes can set the right tone for customers who always get influenced by your box quality. Affecting buying decisions positively, My Box Packaging delivers most attractive box styles fulfilling all client needs and requirements efficiently. Practically, you can get any box style that you are looking for. Design your own boxes by style with our free design support service. Some of the most popular box styles that we offer include various types in:

  • Bottom Closure boxes for retail, shipping or storage products
  • Figure and Pattern style modern boxes for all products
  • Fold and Assemble type beautiful flat-shipped boxes for all products
  • Rectangular boxes in all sizes, custom designs, and dimensions
  • Showcase Exhibit boxes perfect for showcased products
  • Top Closure boxes in many different custom designs