My Box Packaging has a large variety of styles; we cover all retail and wholesale product lines. Our High-quality printing bags are used for the comfort of your customers; all colors printing like CMYK, Pantone colors standards are used. In addition to this, get customized booklets, bookmarks styles. Such personalized bookmarks are very attractive, alluring, and up to the mark. Furthermore get brochures printing, all size customized brochures at discounted rates are available. These are used in restaurants, shops, malls, and hotels. Such advertisement tools make it easy for the customers to aware of your products in one go. Next is to create your business card designs, 200+ card designs, get in a few working days. Such business cards start from $0.1 and available in single side, double side, curved,  3D designs,  UV coated business cards, Rigid, cardboard, and Laminated with embossing and debossing effects. Furthermore, get customized decals and stickers. Obtain in your own choice; all customization is managed here, Vinyl, Plastic and paper stickers adhesive materials, at low cost for domestic, cars and other products taking. In last, Table tents, calendars printing, and tags printing could be obtained in any design. 

Not only is card stock, when combined with high-quality printing, known to provide excellent packaging material, but modified versions of it are plenty useful in many other products and utilities as well. Invitation letters, postcards, business cards, brochures, booklets, folders, table tents, or vinyl printing can benefit from different card stock materials and lasting high detail printing.
Having acquired the highest tech material processing equipment and some of the most skilled and experienced printing experts, My Box Packaging provides you many other products made from cardstock with practical customization and durable material finish quality.


Not only are advertisements some of the most compact and lightweight reading materials perfect for products of many different kinds, but they also play a vital role in brand promotion, providing the ability for them to be handed out at various events boosting a brand’s popularity manifolds. My Box Packaging can offer you some of the most uniquely designed brochures in any required printed designs, sizes, number of pages, or a variety of materials. Choose any thickness of materials and any color combinations with foil stamping, embossing, debossing, or raised printing options available for the high-quality finish as well.


Folders are some of the most used products in an office, educational institute or accounts departments of any business center around the world. Made from thick grade card stock and with high-quality logo or text printing, these document folders from My Box Packaging are available in any required colors and material finishes. Get these in any needed sizes and protect your valuable documents for as long as necessary. We also provide logo printing along with other text printing when you send us your exact requirements, or dedicated writing spaces can be provided as well.

Business Cards

Any businessman or even most regular people will be well familiar with the role business cards play in the business world. Made from durable card stock, these typical business cards from My Box Packaging can be provided in the most luxurious finishes, including shiny silver or gold printing, foil stamping, raised or embossed printing. Please provide your business the traction it needs by handing out good, attractive, and corporate styled business cards to your elite target audiences.