Returns and Refund Policy

My Box Packaging makes its best efforts to ensure a smooth, timely and requirement fulfilling transaction(s) with all our clients at all times, yet in some way, if there is a need for a return or a refund, here’s how it works according to our laid out rules:

Defects or Faults from Our (The Company) Side

In case the delivered products from My Box Packaging don’t match the exact requirements transferred during the order placement process and are varying from the digital proof and samples (any one of these or both) provided by us to our clients, it is our client’s responsibility to communicate to us any defects, faults or bad products within 3 days after receiving the order. There will not by any refunds offered for any of our products, however, reprinting can be provided only if, after detailed investigation, the fault or defect is caused by us (the company) during any of the manufacturing processes. A highly skilled team at My Box Packaging will examine the delivered products and determine the cause of it at their discretion. Clients, after having decided that the fault is by the company, must send us the reprinting order back accompanied by proper documentation of proofs and photographs highlighting the defect or fault within seven days of receiving the request at their own will and expenditure.

Defects or Faults from You (The Clients)

In case the fault of defect, after investigation, rests on the clients, who received the products before or on the shipping date mentioned during their ordering process and still want to claim their chargeback, they will need to send us the full order back exactly in shape or form it arrived at them in and a chargeback will be made after deducting the following:

•    The cost of shipping the products.

•    Products setup fee.

•    Cost of printing.

•    Cost of billing.