Figure and Pattern

The unique Figure and Pattern category of packaging boxes from My Box Packaging get you all the perfect designs along with safety and security for all kinds of retail-ready products. We offer the most extensive selection of figure and pattern boxes with the most popular and functional ones being the regular or side lock six corner boxes, foot lock tray boxes, bowl sleeves, gable boxes, bookend case, counter or retail shelve specific double wall tray and many other diverse options. All these retail products packaging boxes are die cut precisely to fit every kind of retail products in them efficiently while providing the most accurate and secure box designs at the same time.

Accurate Dimensions with Elegant Designs

My Box Packaging is one of the most experienced custom packaging suppliers in the industry and during our decades or experience, we have developed state of the art box designing and cutting processes that provide you some of the most accurate dimensions suitable for specific retail products and finished in very elegant smooth designs. The different variety of cardstock we offer can be cut and shapes in some different box styles including the functional retail special tray and lid types or bookend CD case styles of packaging boxes.

Reliable Material Quality and Variety of Surface Coatings

The special Figure and Pattern class of packaging boxes from My Box Packaging are manufactured using highest quality Eco-Friendly materials that are rigid or flexible depending on the product types you plan to package in them. The double wall tray boxes have the most rigid protective materials that can keep your products just like you want them under most circumstances and all our packaging materials are available with a variety of surface coatings including rough matte, shiny gloss, soft touch special and unique spot UV options. All these surface finish options with material quality work great for retail products making them fly out of retail shelves by boosting customer attractive manifolds.