Bottom Closure

Perfect for those heavy retail, shipping or storage products, My Box Packaging presents our specialized Custom Bottom Closure boxes. Supporting your heavier products is the bottom lock feature with these purposeful boxes enabling them to provide outstanding quality durable packaging for products from many different industries and categories. These boxes are not only available in all the required sizes, shapes, designs and material variety but you can choose from different types of these including the most popular 1-2-3 Bottom, Auto Bottom with Display Lid, Full Flap Auto Bottom or Seal End Auto Bottom and many other suitable options.

Printed Designs to Make the Difference

In the retail industry, it is all about making your products appeal more to the potential customers, and the special Bottom Closure boxes from My Box Packaging make sure to provide all the catchy designs any retail products might need to boost their sales and make them fly off retail shelves. We offer free printed designs help and once finalized; we print all your designs using highest quality longest lasting inks and state of the art printing equipment.

Bottom Lock Protection with Durable Materials

My Box Packaging ensures to use the highest quality most durable materials for our special Bottom Closure boxes. These materials get processed and cut on superior cutting die equipment enabling them to have precise bottom lock features that keep your heavy or fragile products well locked in their exact required positions. On top of that, the highly durable materials are available in all grades of thicknesses and softer finish layers including the corrugated or cardboard materials further adding strength and protection to the overall packaging.

Beautiful Customizations with Accurate Designs

Whether you want the special Tuck End Cover boxes or the secure Bottle Carriers, the perfect and accurate designs My Box Packaging will provide you are unmatched by anyone in the industry when it comes to being precise in sizes, dimension, and product fit features. You can choose many unique and beautiful customizations for your Bottom Closure boxes including logo embossing or debossing, gold or silver foiling, clear window cutouts, raised or glitter printing or any other options that suit the nature and style of your valuable products.