For spacious retail packaging that provides the best combination of product safety on the interior and lots of printing or designing space on the exterior, Rectangular Boxes offers the best solution. Available in a whole plethora of styles and designs, these complete retail packaging boxes from My Box Packaging are manufactured using durable rigid materials and high definition offset or screen printing providing them strength and beauty at the same time. Functional Tuck End Auto Bottom, Straight Tuck End, custom Roll End Tuck Top, Seal End, easy Pinch Lock Tray, counter Dispenser or spacious Four Corner Tray style rectangular shapes boxes are all our specialties.

Highest Quality Packaging Features

Having decades of experience and skilled team of packaging experts, My Box Packaging is your most reliable custom Rectangular packaging provider in the industry. Our boxes are manufactured using the most durable Eco-Friendly materials, processed on high tech cutting die equipment, printed on precise advanced printing plate setup and made beautifully attractive with suitable surface coatings. Pay the lowest wholesale prices for your highest quality packaging with lasting materials, beautiful designs and attractive surface finish options without having to worry about any compromises or cut downs in any of the product features at all.

Highly Customizable Rectangular Boxes

Rectangular packaging boxes are all about providing sustainable and retail friendly packaging solutions, and My Box Packaging delivers that most efficiently. We have plenty of options in our superior quality rectangle packaging including the very practical tray boxes that provide enough space on the shelves for a number of products, exclusive Double Glued Side Wall Tray boxes for heavier products making them safe and secure, easy to use Reverse Tuck End boxes that are perfect for almost any kinds of retail products an a wide selection of other choices that provide your specific products just the packaging they require to boost sales and jump off the retail shelves right into your potential customer’s shopping baskets.