The Custom Reseller program initiated by My Box Packaging provides entrepreneurs and business minded people with the opportunity to become a part of our emerging business. The wholesale prices we offer are the cheapest in the market, and for the reseller program, even lower unbeatable rates are offered for highest quality custom packaging in standard sizes, designs or styles and customized specific packaging for the specified custom range of products as well. Take the journey with us and engage in business transaction with all your clients while having the peace of mind that you will not be let down by the profit enhancing cheapest prices and highest quality packaging boxes from our expert and skilled hands.

More for Less – My Box Packaging

My Box Packaging is your most reliable packaging provider at lowest wholesale prices. Everyone in the packaging industry will tell you that they provide more for less, we, for one, aim to truly provide that experience and provide the most amount of packaging for the least sums of money. Being the behind the scenes supplier in our reseller program, we aim to provide the most profit enhancing lowest prices that not only bring the peace of mind of reliable packaging supply but also provides the opportunity for growth to our reseller partners.

More You Sell, More You Save

The Reseller program from My Box Packaging is tailor-made to bring maximum profit margins for our reseller partners. This, in the long run, enables them to save more as they sell more. Resellers, boosting their number of transactions with their end customers and us can enjoy enhanced profit margins that multiply to high numbers providing rapid growth for them. All you need to do is sell our highest quality packaging as much as possible, and success is waiting for you on the other side of all your superior efforts.

What Do We offer?

My Box Packaging, over decades of service to the custom packaging industry, has developed some of the leading business channels in material sourcing, processing, manufacturing and distribution that enable us to drop prices while not make any cuts in any of the quality features of our custom packaging products. Along with our lowest wholesale prices, we also offer free shipping to our reseller partners along with free cutting and printing equipment as well that are custom made for each batch of orders to ensure precise designing and attractive finishes for our products.