Get Printed cosmetic boxes at discounted rates, Our order starts form $0.1, and our dedicated teams are expert in the delivery of small cosmetics containers, blank cosmetics holders, monthly subscription holders for beauty products. We have 200+cosmetic box packaging design, that is customized and personalized, in addition to this get short run cosmetics containers for lipsticks, lip balm, hair extensions, and other products. Moreover, gift cartons and packaging is also available e as we have customized markup boxes manufacturer and #1 supplier in the USA. We have served more than 1000 brands across the world. Our custom packaging supplies start from mini size wholesale boxes to extra large gable shape beauty items cartons. We deal in wholesale prices as well as low minimums are available that ranges 100 - 500,000 containers in one go. Furthermore, the material we use us Kraft, Corrugated, Cardboard and paper; all these are fully biodegradable and eco-friendly. Such boxes are printed in all colors with the logo of the company on the box, use for shipping purpose, subscriptions, makeup products and at events. Get freedom same boxes before your order, as we have bet cosmetic package designs of cartons, holders, and cases.

Cosmetic Boxes: Start your First Order Right Now!

If you are an emerging brand and soon going to launch a cosmetic product line, then this is the right place as we can give your products a casing and cartons that will get you on the top right away. Creating a place in the market and brand buildup is not possible if the cosmetic boxes are dull and ordinary. MyBoxPackaging has all the right elements to help your business grow at a rapid rate and build your brand. Our designing and printing experts are capable of creating mesmerizing boxes for beauty products also an extensive variety of sizes, shapes and materials are available for the preparation of exceptional but customized boxes and packaging for you.

Our Supreme quality printing methods to ensure the high-class image

Hi-tech printing plant and computer operated technology can do anything you just have to think of the angle for printing designs. We will take you aspirations and materialize them into a fully functional personalized cosmetic box through our futuristic cutting and folding mechanism. Your intentions to become a top cosmetic brand can come true because MyBoxPackaging has made brand launchings quite astonishing for the competitors. There is a complete set of testing procedures that we implement after each step in the product, printing, gluing, folding and assembling of cosmetic cartons. Discuss your ideas with us, and if you need help in designing, we are always ready to give you our best whether the order is comprised of the smaller number we make sure no one leaves us disappointed.

Our #1 - Cosmetics Product Line's Packaging and Manufacturing Process

Finishing details will accompany the printing, and you can choose any lamination or finishing technique and the box design will be modified according to it. We may give you a few of our expert ideas about the perfect complementary of finishing as the design, but the final word will be yours.

As a Boxes Supplier, we have a range of effects, we deal in.

Here you can get embossing, de bossing, metallic finish, gold foiling, plastic lamination, grainy surface finish, and spot UV to achieve best results when the cosmetic boxes reach customers. Provide a profoundly sensory experience to your customers by trying out different finishing effects on a variety of categories involved in cosmetics. Such as a grainy surface for a face scrub package and a glossy effect for a highlighter palate. 

Cartons and packages are available for a complete range of cosmetic products

The endless line of beauty products needs several shapes and sizes as the mascara wand cannot fit in a round box. My Box Packaging provides a vast range of boxes for every product if you want to launch a more significant line and are involved in the face, lip, skin, and eyes ranges then you have chosen well because we can offer a wide range of facilities in every paradigm. 

Customized Cosmetics Packaging Product Line

Lipstick boxes require a particular finesse and the identification of color that is inside. On the other hand, a foundation box needs all essential features to be mentioned. That is why we deal with each item differently. All sample templates are available at the website, be our guest and discuss any ideas about your band with the designing experts and they will amaze your company. We do not charge for discussions, and sample designs as every approaching client are dear to the US! We deal in all printing and packaging materials like Cardboard, Corrugated, Kraft and paper. In addition to this, Our By Box Styles Category allows you to opt for the best design for your product. 

Our Exquisite and Recyclable Material to Provide Worldwide Appreciation

The recycled packaging material is being used in almost all type of products, but the cosmetic industry has welcomed the prospect positively. At MyBoxPackaging, you can reach out to our team, and they can guide which type of raw material will be suitable for your line of cosmetics. We utilize biodegradable material to design high-quality gorgeous makeup item packaging for clients who trust our team. The material is tested at every step that whether it can carry products securely and with delicacy. Market trends are important to us when we draft a design we keep all the currently appreciated materials in the time and use them for your cosmetic boxes. If there is any ambiguity in your mind about recycled material talk to us and our experts will deal with the issues.

Valued added and customized cartons actually add an Adequate protection for the products inside the box

The nbsp;cosmetic packaging boxes are customized in a way that all products reach the stores without any damage caused by environmental factors or shipping process. We are concerned about the bottles and tubes that can be easily broken and squished into a stacked shipment. Therefore, our team has a priority to fix every beauty product in the box so that it cannot move around too much and remains well cushioned with the help of inner casing either made of a corrugated sheet or plain cardboard.

Intricate and matchless designs are incorporated into the boxes

Our designers have never failed to impress a client, and we assure you that every time the designs will be freshly baked as we call it. The enticing details in all product ranges can provide an identity to your brand, and the glossy label will turn it into a magnet for cosmetic lovers. Do not suppress your wild ideas because you think they are impossible to be made; nothing is useless if you want a packaging box for makeup. We deal with all kinds of printing so the design can be as vibrant in colors, just wish, and the box will materialize with our expertise!

We can also modify the designs if you require launching a seasonal collection such as autumn, fall or summer limited edition. For more information get a Free quote and contact our customer support team

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