CD Covers

Not only are CDs some of the most delicate and scratch prone data storage items but can be some of the most valuable as well considering how much certain people value specific types of data. Get highest quality CD Covers in many different design themes and material choices to offer complete 360-degree protection to your software carriers and also provide them with beautiful and accurate printed design along with dedicated labeling options when required from My Box Packaging. We offer the most diverse range of CD Jackets products including the 2-panel, 4-panel or the extra large 6-panel CD jacket options.

Rigid, Strong Materials with Attractive Finish Options

When it comes to protective CD Covers, My Box packaging makes sure to use highest quality well-processed materials that are available in many different grades and cardstock options keeping your valuable CD products packaged safely inside of them. You can also get these unique purpose jackets with many different surface coatings including the rough and tough matte, luxurious and shiny high gloss, great look and feel a soft touch or unique spot UV options. All our materials and coatings are top notch and play a huge role in boosting your products retail appeal.

Design and Style Customizations with Multi-CD Packaging

With the perfect design customizations that My Box Packaging offers, you can have all your requirements attended to most efficiently. Get your CDs just the required protection they need against scratches or mishandlings of all types and provide them with 2 sides of printable canvas or go the extra mile with the 4 panel CD jackets and make them design and information marvel. When you have bigger software files or memorable videos and photos to save for a lifetime on your CD products, our 6 panels CD jacket comes in handy providing you the option to store more than one of them safely.