Fold and Assemble

These are the shipping specialist packaging boxes that as the name suggests, are shipped flat providing easiest Fold and Assemble procedures while ensuring highest level protection for your retail products and unmatched beautiful designs at the same time. These special boxes from My Box Packaging get shaped and cut on special die cutting equipment providing them with easy flat shipping designs that just require a small step or two to get them in their required retail packaging ready shapes. Get the most beautiful and compact wholesale packaging for you retail products without having to worry too much about their shipping and storage costs along with lowest wholesale prices in the market as well.

Strong Durable Packaging with Beautiful Elegant Designs

When looking for the perfect combination of functional strength for your packaging along with beautiful, elegant designs, the ideal Fold and Assemble packaging from My Box Packaging will serve you best. We use the most reliable and longest lasting materials in different cardstock options processing them on high tech cutting and printing equipment that enables them to have attractive and suitable elegant designs while keeping your retail products safe and secure for all that while as well.

Variety in Packaging Styles with Beautiful Embellishments

For all the different retail products in unique shapes, designs, dimensions, and sizes. My Box Packaging provided customized variety in packaging styles including the very practical bookend boxes with all the space and enhanced locked protection for your products, the large gable box auto bottom style perfect for medium to large products.The crowd favorite and multi-purpose usage tray and sleeve boxes perfect for most types of retail products or gifting special hexagon boxes. You can further add beautiful embellishments to all these packaging options including the clear window cutout options for your beautiful products design highlights, the raised, embossed or debossed printing options standing your products out from the rest or the even more attractive and catchy gold/silver foiling options making your brand name much more famous among your target audiences.