High Quality Offset Printing

One of the most advanced and accurate printing techniques are the Offset Printing. My Box Packaging has some of the most advanced Offset Printing equipment that transfers the inked image (hence giving it its popular name) from a high-quality printing plate onto a rubber blanket and from there onto the printable material surface in question. The complex processes involved in transferring the inked image all the way to the material surface is our responsibility and we will take care of it most efficiently while delivering a much easy to understand and appreciate high quality offset printed designs that can be customized in the form of business logo, names, catchy sales boosting designs and high-quality text printing depending on what is required.

Color Accurate Printing All Around

Whether you want much complex and attractive printed designs or brand logo and names printing in some of the most accurate color representations, state of the art Offset printing from My Box Packaging will deliver just the results you expect from us. Whatever colors are in your brand logo or whatever colors you want your high-quality, attractive designs to be printed in, we will not disappoint with the color accuracy that we offer and satisfactory printing regarding the high end finish without any edges or sides looking out of place.

Efficient Cheap Bulk Printing

My Box Packaging has one of the most excellent offset printing setups in the packaging industry that ensures cheapest operational costs. Additionally, we have very efficient sourcing channels that provide us sustainable, high-quality inks that we pass through the printing equipment resulting in some of the most reduced unit printing costs. When you order from us in bulk, not only do we offer free printing designs advice but the bulk printing that passes through our efficient systems is some of the cheapest yet most efficient in the industry. You will not find higher quality printing at more reasonable rates than what My Box Packaging offers you.