Free Shipping

My Box Packaging – Free Shipping is the most experienced and reliable packaging provider in all of US. We have our trustworthy channels that offer free shipping on bulk orders. We offer:
  • Free shipping to any location in the US for orders starting from 100 boxes 
  • Fast and free Standard Shipping arriving in 8 – 10 days after we receive the final approval from our clients 
  • The option for even faster Rush Orders arriving in 4 – 6 working days after we receive the final approval from our clients 
At My Box Packaging, our business style always suits wholesale orders best. We are able to process all large orders fast and efficiently preparing highest quality packaging boxes and other accessories that we provide while maintaining quickest turnaround and free shipping for our products. 

Delivering Highest Quality Packaging with Free Shipping 

At My Box Packaging, there never is any compromise for any quality features of our packaging boxes. With our free standard shipping, you will always get highest quality boxes that will satisfy all your quality standards at all times. guarantees: 
  • High quality materials that are rigid, sturdy, well processed and perfectly finished according to our client’s requirements 
  • Fastest turnaround for wholesale packaging boxes facilitating bulk business output for our clients 
  • High Quality Printing delivering some of the most attractive packaging designs, logo prints and image displays on our packaging boxes 
  • Accurate die cut boxes fulfilling all shapes, sizes and dimensions requirements from our clients 
  • Custom surface finish lamination options with packaging boxes finished in beautiful surface designs 

Our Shipping

Are you looking for top quality Custom Packaging Boxes for any of your custom products? My Box Packaging is your best choice fulfilling all custom requirements. We have options for many different and unique types of boxes including the regular packaging boxes with clear windows or gable boxes that have a unique custom handle. From rectangle shaped boxes to various Box By Style categories and also Box By Industry options, we have all custom options perfect for any retail, shipping or storage products you might require them for. has been serving the US market with custom boxes for a very long time. We are now one of the most reliable Custom Wholesale Packaging providers in the US. Operating from Chicago, we serve all over the US. Get Free Shipping for your bulk wholesale packaging boxes and enjoy enhanced profit margins for all your products facilitating high quality business opportunity. Our fast and free shipping is available for all locations in the US and your ordered packaging boxes will get to your address within 8 – 10 days all the time. 

Best Price Guarantee 

My Box Packaging is a professional and experienced wholesale packaging supplier in the US. We have gained decades worth of experience that always helps us provide best price for all our packaging products. Our carefully setup business channels allow us to source top quality cardstock materials for all our packaging boxes. These high-end materials get processed on high tech efficient equipment that enables us to keep unit prices lowest while have no compromises on any of our packaging’s quality features at all. Our packaging is available at best wholesale prices while free shipping that they are also available with offer highest value for money in the US packaging industry. Whether you are retail products manufacturing business or a trader and retailer, you will enjoy cheapest most profit enhancing prices from our efficient free shipping channels at all times. Our cheapest wholesale prices do not come at any compromises at all. You will get same highest quality packaging that you expect from an expert like us and yet end up paying smallest cheapest bulk prices for it. 

Free Shipping for All of US is based from Chicago, Illinois. We are right in the heart of the country having well setup business and shipping channels for all of the country. For your businesses anywhere in the US, we have free shipping available at quick turnaround time. For your wholesale packaging orders, you will get discounted prices for all our boxes, no hidden charges, more than 200 different styles and forms of boxes and bulk orders ranging between 100 – 500,000 boxes. No other business in the US offers similar add-ons that what My Box Packaging has for our clients. Whether you have your business setup in New York, Washington, Seattle, Los Angeles, Houston, San Diego, Dallas, San Antonio or any other major city of the USA, will provide your free shipping with affordable wholesale prices as well. Businesses in Chicago and its nearing areas will always get quicker shipping from us as the travel distance will be shorter. Every other part of the USA can expect 8 – 10 days based free shipping from our expert channels at all times. 

Why Choose 

Are you in the market for highest quality custom packaging boxes that are personalized to perfection for your custom retail, shipping or storage boxes? You are at the right place. offers top quality packaging made from high-end materials that will offer your products just the protection and organization they will need. We offer Free Shipping on bulk orders with cheapest wholesale prices while maintaining all high quality features as well. We offer:

  • Packaging boxes made in the US for local businesses and product manufacturers 
  • 24/7 availability for all our clients offering top quality boxes 
  • Free design support tailoring all boxes perfectly to out clients preferences Support for all small and large wholesale orders staring from 100 boxes and going all the way up to 500,000 boxes 
  • Free Shipping all over the US offering high value for money 
Whether you need one single type of custom boxes for your products or you need to mix and match many different styles and box types, provides all custom options based on our clients needs. We have vast experience in custom packaging enabling our clients to get accurate die cut boxes that are precise in shapes or sizes and beautiful in their looks or presentation. Our Free Shipping offer will always provide high value for money in the industry.