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Kraft Boxes Design


You might possess a splendid product, but it is the packaging that does talking on the retail shelves. The Kraft boxes are on the front line every time the customers come across your product. The current market dynamics reveal that the potential clients often see and have a feel of your packaging well before they even interact with the product. So, you cannot miss out on the effective design of your boxes so as to leave the customers enticed. The commencement of every year brings major trends in the packaging design so as to remain relevant in the market and align with the expectations of the customers. Here are some elite design trends that have taken the packaging world by storm. 

Important Kraft Boxes Design Trends 

Minimalism is The New Normal:

Minimalist designs have been in trend for a while now and receiving more attention across different sectors of the market. You might confuse simplicity with boring, but, in fact, it is the opposite. This design proffers you an ample opportunity to bring excitement among the customers without deviating from the simplicity path. There is only one exclusive trait of minimalism that makes your custom Kraft boxes hard to beat in the market, i.e., the ability to speak to the intuition of the clients than all the other designs. The trend of keeping your box design busy as possible has long gone by, and today, it carries no value. The temptation to look different from others might persuade you to use fussy designs, but they will do no benefit to you. With the simple designs, you need to speak very little as they include the operation of presenting signs and symbols that every customer in the market can relate to.

Kraft Boxes & Packaging Texture is Going Wild:

In the past years, the kraft gift boxes were seen addressing the visibility factor only. But, with the beginning of 2021, equal weightage is now being given to the tactile experience of the boxes. The tactile feel of the packaging not just sets the presenting product apart but also invokes feelings among the people. In case you are eyeing to target a high-end market, you can consider embossing the printed logo and graphics or paste some embossed labels on the Kraft packages. The embossed artwork is thought as more luxurious and makes the clienteles feel that the packaging a product with the textured Kraft package worth much more than they originally thought. Apart from that, the textured coatings, namely the soft-touch coating and raised UV coating, both create the erg to connect the items more and assure to provide a premium craft experience to the buyers.

Clear and Transparent Window:

As the pandemic situation is getting worse, the customers are becoming more conscious about their health than ever before. It is, for this reason, they are more interested in buying that provides them a sneak peek of the inside items. In the same way, the clients have become bored of seeing the rote packages with often false advertisements and misleading concepts. The previous years have seen that the customers think twice before they purchase anything from a brand. This has ultimately led to the more transparent and revealing designs for the Kraft boxes wholesale in 2021. The top brands with more market share are paying more attention to introduce the aspect of transparency in their Kraft packages so as to win the hearts of the buyers. This design trend is a sure way to establish the authoritativeness of a brand in the market and setting it apart from the rival brands.

Tech-integrated Packaging:

To connect more personally with the customers that are now consumed by the technology, the successful brands are turning digital with the help of packaging. They are now more focused on highlighting their social media presence on the Kraft packages so as to connect with the digital world. For this, they are imprinting some QR codes on the boxes that link the clients directly to the social media page. This way, more and more people start knowing them and begin using their main hashtags in the social media posts. This helps in the endorsement of digital word of mouth about the brand, and their market reach begins augmenting gradually. Other than this, the businesses are also making use of coupon codes and URLs on the packages. Scanning them with smartphones directs the customers to the main websites or pages of the brands where they can expose the clients with any sort of information.

To wrap up, it is imperative for you to design the Kraft boxes with the existing novel design trends if you want to cement your place in the competitive market. Following these design trends will uplift the visual expressiveness and prominence of your brand as well as the products it is proffering in the market.

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