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Custom package

Product packaging designs are the most versatile because they serve all sorts of product needs and requirements. Packaging comes in every shape, size, material, and any other imaginable design. It plays an important role in creating an impressive first impression on the customers and also in creating a more professional and recognizable image of the product and the business in the market and among the customers.

It has been only possible because of customization as it uses the most advanced and unique packaging techniques such as die-cutting, inkjet printing, laser and screen printing, foiling, laminations, and embossing that not only help in getting high-end custom product packaging but also fulfill all the other silent features of packaging like;

  • Grab the attention of the customers
  • Promote the product
  • Create a connection between the businesses and the consumers 
  • Convey the message behind the brand
  • Marketing and advertising of the product and brand 

product packaging

It is possible if only the packaging is effective, which means it must be unique, complement the product, represent the brand, and provide enough information about the product. 

Oh well, you have got bottles, jars, and bags, also boxes, wrappings, and pouches. You have also got die-cutting, laminations, foiling, and amazing printing techniques. Just imagine what you can create with it.

Here are some creative packaging designs that are remarkable when it comes to aesthetic appeal, durability, functionality, sustainability, and also affordability. 

Creative Packaging Designs For Your Products

Combine Product & Packaging 

The most unique and captivating is not to let your product just sit in the box and do nothing. Make the fullest use of your product inside the box to create a unique statement. For instance, custom window cutouts on the boxes that interactively display the product just like trident used their gums pills as teeth that pop up from a smile cutout. 

Unboxing of Product packaging

How About A Storytime?

The box on the shelf is not just a box but a brand representative that communicates with the customers most effectively.

White space on the packing box is an amazing opportunity for the companies to use it as their best means to tell about the product and the brand itself, thanks to custom printing. Use imagery, patterns, prints, stickers, tags, pop-up flaps and other custom embellishments to tell the story of your brand to the customers. For example, RioCoffee boxes use custom stickers on their boxes that tell the story of their product that how it comes from all over the world. 

Do Not Go Square

Come out of the box, a square box, especially, or a rectangular or anything that looks like a cube. Custom die-cutting give customers the most amazing shapes like a pillow, gable, window cut-out, cartoons, pets, flower, and anything you name of. For instance, Lanna Spa uses nature-inspired leaf shape for their soap that gives an enticing outlook to the product. On top of the shape, a textured box completes the whole essence of the packaging.

Custom Product Boxes

Bag the Design

"Why always a box?" The material that is used to make custom packaging is the most flexible and durable when it comes to unique shapes along with durability. With customization, you can get pouches, bags, sacks, and bag like boxes that can carry any type of product most effectively and efficiently. Just like Pumathey introduced their bags with a rigid cardboard insert that makes a flat bottom to give strength and increase the functionality of the product packaging. 

It was the most unique packaging years ago and it still is. Not only creative, but such designs also offer a sustainable packaging solution.

Brown Is Not Boring

Effective and attractive packaging not necessarily need to be cluttered with colors, images, patterns, and everything related to the product. Simple is a new classy. Kraft paper packaging is not unique but also the most eco-friendly and bio-degradable. 

The plain brown surface gives companies to spice things up with custom design elements such as Modagram’s origami-inspired bags that are chic and for surely develop an everlasting impression on the customers.

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