No Die & Plat Charge

Die and Plat are some of the most significant equipment when it comes to providing customized packaging boxes with different sizes, designs, and style themes. These are used to cut the packaging materials (whichever one you have selected) into shape and then depending on the type of the box, for different parts of it to be glued together or the one-piece cut materials to be assembled into shape. My Box Packaging not only delivers some of the most precise die-cut box designs and shapes, but we also provide free Die and Plat that pushes our free shipping (for orders over 100 pieces) and already lowest wholesale prices to the absolute limit and help our packaging become some of the cheapest and yet most efficient in terms of its die-cut designs and top quality finish.

Sharpest Customized Die Cut Designs

When we offer you free Die and Plat equipment; by no means do we intend to mess up any of your packaging designs in any design aspect? Our state of the art cutting die equipment delivers some of the sharpest and most neat box designs along with many superior quality customizations, including the crowd favorite window cutout boxes that will not be possible without having advanced Die and Plat equipment. Not only do we offer some of the most well-finished product design highlighting window cutout boxes but all the other complicated options like the rigid auto bottom, bottom or top closure or different varieties of rectangular and fold and assemble along with many others are produced in best-finished die-cut designs.

Accurate Die Cut Sizes and Free Die and Plat Equipment

In the packaging industry, besides attractive and sales-boosting designs, the another thing that deserves the most attention is packaging sizes. Different products come in different sizes, shapes, and dimensions requiring differently sized packaging boxes. My Box Packaging keeps all three aspects of your products in mind (height, width, and depth) while producing the best fit sizes packaging boxes for them and the result is some of the most accurate die-cut sizes for all of your different products and yet totally free Die and Plat equipment. Don’t go around the market paying hundreds of Dollars for die and plat equipment, avail our “No Die and Plat Charges” offers on wholesale orders now and enjoy the cheapest packaging with the highest quality features.