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Beautiful hands and feet are considered to be the overall personality enhancers. And a beautiful manicure or a pedicure beautify their overall presentation. In this fast era of emerging new nail polish brands in the market. It is getting difficult to pick a single brand that fulfills all the requirements of being the best. These brands are fighting hard with one another in terms of multiple factors to increase their productivity. But for a customer like us, their competition is providing us a way out to choose the best. The rapid competition has increased confusion for their users, but they are still a few factors that make a brand superior over others. These famous manufacturers have been serving their users over the centuries. The reason for their popularity is that they provide speedy innovation in their products through custom nail polish boxes. But before making up your mind for a certain brand to rely on, we provide you the list of brands with their unique quality so that you could easily pick one as per your convenience:

custom nail polish boxes

Quality of Different Top Nail Polish Brands

All the brands promise the quality of their products. It is quite difficult to pick a single brand in terms of quality. So for ease, we have made some quality standards in order to verify their quality. Talking about the quality, we take the product composition as a high-quality reflector. The accurate balance between their ingredients is what makes their flawless coverage by making it easier to apply. In our top quality pick, we have “Essie-nail polish”. Its unique formula provides an accurate need of hydration in their top/base coat to make the nails look more healthy. Although the product is a bit expensive but if you want a perfect salon finish, this is the best choice.

OPI Nail Lacquer

What makes consumers committed to a brand is its durability. As hands are our most used body parts, the nail polish that stands throughout the day makes it durable. Nail polishes work like a coat that is applied to our nails, so their chipping is no big deal. So we need a product that does not wear off that easily for at least 4 to 5 days. OPI Nail Lacquer is, therefore, the most trusted brand. It offers more than 250 shades, all of them have the quality to last over 5 days straight and do not require any topcoat for their retouch. Their long applicator brushes make it fast and easy to apply.

OPI Nail Lacquer

Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy

In many cases, any product that is readily available on the market becomes the first priority of the users. Consumers rarely wait for a specific brand for a longer period of time. And even after their wait if they are not provided with them, they usually shift towards the other available choices. Considering nail polish, Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy is the best-recognized brand throughout the world. They are considered to be more easily available at almost every supermarket or store. They offer quality products at a different price range, which makes them favorite among their users.

Deborah Lippman

A perfect color display is an ultimate demand for nail polish users. We all want the exact color onto our nails as it is displayed in their bottles. Deborah Lippman is our perfect pick in order to fulfill such a requirement. The brand owner herself was a celebrity and she masters herself as fashion manicurist. The products are also used by top celebrities, which provides a quality guarantee to this brand. While talking about the product composition; they are highly pigmented in their composition and their vegan formula provides an accurate color formation.

Maybelline New York

We all want the best quality product in our defined budgets. Cosmetics are usually considered to be of the high cost. But due to their increase in competition, many branded products are now becoming budget-friendly. In this category, we choose Maybelline New York as the best product choice for a cost-conscious user. It is usually considered to be a drugstore brand, but high in quality makes them stand out in the market.  With them being budget-friendly their demand increases outside the states as well. And now they are expanding their operation worldwide. Their standard transparent packaging provides an accurate color display. They offer a variety of beautiful shades. Their applicator brush is of flat nature, hence its application is also fast and easy. 


A beautiful manicure provides the ultimate graceful look to the overall personality. The branded quality product provides the best item as per your requirements. It is getting difficult to opt for a single brand choice, but their customization could help to determine their differentiation. Many online websites provide customized packaging to facilitates the manufactures to make them dissimilar from others. They offer a wide range of different sizes and shapes depending upon the requirements. Custom nail polish boxes are becoming a new demand in the industry. They not only make look more presentable but also make sure their safe delivery.

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