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Custom Printed Boxes

What is custom boxes?

“The word Custom means to arrange or modify the things according to the needs and priorities or you can say that Arranging and Modifying things as per your convenience.”

The production of customized of boxes is art. Customization is best to design these boxes according to the client's time and wishes. As this packaging is done in front of customers. It is low in price and affordable because it just improves your company brand by attracting and helping customers to know about your product easily.

The customization of boxes is currently fashionable and modern in market. People like to pack their products in neat, colorful or whatever the shaped of package wants to tie their products to their custom boxes. It only has the logo, Site name and tagline of your company and its look like the only the words on boxes. Custom logos are important for attracting mass customers because vibrant colors combination and elegant designs are attractive for the target market.

Types of custom boxes:


  1. Folding Carton / Paperboard Carton
  2. Mailer Box / Rigid box
  3. Shipping box/ Corrugated box

They are very familiar type of boxes, available at the most of the retailers’ shop. Rigid boxes mean fixed boxes that are not folded. It is used when the product that is inside the box contains great weight and needs extra support. The word corrugated means the forming and shaping of the series to provide greater strength and toughness. It looks like that the water is waving on the surface. It has 3 layers. It is used for packaging. Corrugated boxes are full of effectiveness to provide the power and energy to work such boxes for service shipment to ensure a safe and cost-effective supply of products.

Custom Printed Boxes:

This is the beneficial for companies to increase selling of products and also draw attention to the market for companies’ brand, as well as the product you put in it. That's why you'll love warm interaction because it will help you develop a good place to promote your brand and products. It helps in getting things displayed, and is strongly associated with packaging. Custom boxes for lip balm Display Boxes are used primarily to keep your product safe from pollution and environmental threats. Consumers want to have boxes that meet all major packaging purposes ranging from security to advertising and attracting the mass customers. Custom logos are important for attracting mass customers because vibrant colors combination and elegant designs are attractive for the target market.

Usage of Custom Printed Boxes:

  1. Its packaging is Light Weight that’s mean Easy to carry that weight is light.
  2. Inexpensive because it is easy to buy for everyone the price tag kept low.
  3. Lots of different choices that an alternative customer can choose according to his type and choice.
  4. Easily Availability of products across the market within the range of any departmental or general stores.
  5. Recyclable of these boxes that is made of the material that can be dumped and recycle.
  6. Reusability of boxes.
  7. Takes less Time for customization to assemble and very little efforts too.
  8. Custom boxes provides Superior Protection for product safety and damage control.
  9. Ease of Customized Labeling is designed in such a way that labeling is easy and vitally displayable.
  10. Available in all colors according to the customers.

Custom Printed Boxes as a Brand:

As the above mention features provided by the custom boxes. In this age, everyone wants fame and honor due to social media that’s the reason in all over the world it becomes the need of all types of companies who want to become more popular and wants their company at an immense level. Almost all of the brands like makeup brand (Kylie Cosmetics, Huda beauty, Mac, Naked etc.), Clothing brand (Alexander McQueen, Temperley London, Michael Kors etc.), Shoes brand (Heelys, Barker, Trickers etc.) and also Food brands (KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Domino’s Pizza etc.) use custom boxes.

Custom Printed Boxes Wholesale:

Custom printed Boxes Wholesale with logo are also available that allow wholesalers to receive wholesale boxes with perfectly printed logos in an extensive level. Logo plays a vital part in the branding of your company and significantly impact public opinion. In fact, investing in the logo is very essential in branding as it is described as the front face of an organization. Wholesale packages must be made of high-quality material so that your product of any brand is delivered securely in wholesale boxes. Wholesale packaging manufacturers ensure that packaging design and color are attractive and that a printed logo is clearly visible to customers so that the buyer can easily choose the right product.

These special boxes with logos must be made from high-quality materials because users do pay attention to product quality, packaging quality, print quality, and color quality. If the logos are published perfectly using the latest machines and machines of high quality that fulfill the requirements of boxing, the buyer will certainly want to pack your brand and will want to buy your product. That’s the major benefit why wholesaler printed boxes are best for customers. Things are made for customers to ease their life.

Customized Shipping Boxes

The first aspect should contain information about the size and weight ratio with respect to packaging also contains information about how much of net weight can be supported by packaging.

The Second aspect ease of use provided with instructions will discuss on how to unbox these packing then placing cosmetics inside along with repackaging the items.

Following are some aspects that should be implemented before customization:

  • Size can be customized according to the customer’s requirement.
  • Implementation of designing can be done according to the requirement.
  • Offset Printing is a printing method that is like a lithography.
  • Screen Printing is a method of enlarging a picture on the document, material or some other object by pushing ink across a screen with places obstructed off by a design.
  • In this level, we have done all process of customization.
  • Now it’s ready for shipping.

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