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Mailer Box and Shipping Box

The shopping trends are changing, and people are changing, and people are rapidly moving towards online platforms. This is due to the increased convenience and the availability of huge variety at the most economical prices. The products are packed in a shipping box and then delivered to the customers. This is why the importance of these packaging solutions has increased over the last few years. However, people do confuse the shipment boxes with the custom mailer boxes and consider them identical. In reality, these are different in a number of ways. To know more about the differences between the two, the following lines have discussed both the types in detail.

Important Difference of Mailer Box And Shipping Box


The size of shipping boxes is greater as compared to the mailer packaging solutions. These are best suited for large-sized products. The sizes of mailer boxes, on the other hand, are comparatively smaller and are used to deliver medium to smaller-sized products to the concerned people.


The shapes of the packaging solutions can be determined by the ways they are assembled. All the types of boxes are assembled in different ways that give a completely changed outlook to the packaging. The same thing applies to the shipping and mailer packaging solutions that are assembled in different ways and look different as far as the apparent shapes are concerned. The mailer boxes are extremely easy to assemble. They usually consist of a joined lid that can mostly be seen in the bakery packaging. In comparison to that, the shipment packaging solutions need more strength and durability as these are to protect and deliver large-sized products. These are also available in a two-piece design, or generally, these can be seen with flaps on both sides.

Nature of Use

The packaging solutions that we usually see in the market are suitable for particular industries. However, some boxes are so rich-featured in nature that they offer their services in multiple industries. To discuss the nature of use and the applications of the two above-mentioned types of packaging, we will throw light on their respective functions. The shipping packaging solutions are generally used in the factories and industries that need to deliver the manufactured commodities to the desired shops and stores. These are purely needed for business purposes. Their best application can be found in the wholesale business type, where the vendors pack products in bulk and send them to the customers after packing the items in the shipping boxes. In comparison to that, the mailer boxes have somewhat different features to offer. These are also used by the shopkeepers to deliver the orders to their customers. However, the basic difference is that the mailer packaging can be sued by common people for sending gifts to their loved ones.

Manufacturing Materials

The materials used for the manufacturing of these box types can be used to differentiate them from each other. It is generally noted that the custom shipping boxes are made with the cardboard material. The reason behind this is that cardboard is one of the strongest available materials that is required to deliver the items to far-off places. On the other hand, the mailer boxes are manufactured with the help of a number of material types. Cardboard or corrugated cardboard is the chief option, and while box board material is another common option that is attached with the mailer packaging solutions.


Shipping and a mailer packaging solution differ to a greater extent as far as the pricing is concerned. The shipment boxes are comparatively costly due to being large in size. Large size means more material and more resources are needed to get the final product. A mailer packaging, on the other hand, can be bought at a much lesser price. It is smaller in size and extremely easy to assemble. Both these features help in reducing their overall costs. The good thing is that both of these types can be bought from online vendors that demand reasonable prices due to the competitive nature of online markets. In general, both these box types are affordable to a greater extent. Lastly, a huge range of vendors also deals in the wholesale business. If you want to get these packaging solutions in bulk at economical price ranges, you can go with the option of shipping boxes wholesale.

Both the shipping and mailer box types are different from each other in a number of ways. However, these also show some identical features. The main difference lies in the sizing and nature of use. You can have a look at the main features of both types by reading the lines above to get an idea about which type suits your business the best.

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